Le Massage Ayurvédique Yoguique, Yoga thérapie et étirements assistés, Méthode Kusum Modak | Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Yoga Massage Therapy & Assisted Yoga-Based Stretching, Method Kusum Modak

History & Master Kusum Modak

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, was and continues to be developed by Master Kusum Modak of Pune, India, who has tirelessly dedicated her life to creating and spreading this work.
 She has combined her knowledge of Ayurveda and Traditional Ayurvedic Massage with Yoga, learned directly from BKS Iyengar, to create her own unique approach to Ayurvedic massage.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a unique style of massage that combines deep tissue massage with coordinated breathwork and yoga stretching. The session is performed on a mat for free movement and flow.
 The deep tissue massage helps to remove knots and adhesions in the muscles, releases tension and prepares the body of the receiver for assisted yoga stretching.

Through synchronised breathwork, the receiver is led progressively deeper into assisted yoga postures that help correct postural imbalances and restore harmony to the body.
 In keeping with the tradition of Ayurveda, herbal oils and medicinal powders are utilized for their healing properties.

These techniques incorporate the use of the hands and feet as tools for massage. The utilisation of the feet allows for deeper and more thorough pressure through long and graceful strokes.

This unique comprehensive approach to the body dissolves physical and emotional blocks, helps eliminate toxins, promotes correct posture, improves respiratory patterns, enhances energy levels, and leaves the receiver with a profound sense of well being.

Ayurvedic oils and powders are utilized for their healing properties. This technique will help dissolve physical and emotional blocks, eliminate toxins from the body, promote correct posture, improve respiratory patterns and leave the client with a deep sense of well-being.

About Kusum Modak :

In the age of forties, caused of a grave disease, Kusum Modak went to see an Ayurvedic doctor. Because of her desperation, at the same time she started to practice Yoga. The combination of Yoga and Ayurvedic treatment made the change and from that moment she started to recuperate her health.

Since then she decided to extend, practice and to cure needy people, with the same method that ones help her to recover her live.

Today, with the intention to pass on her knowledge, she gives Traditional Ayurvedic Yoga massage courses in Pune (India), where people from all over the world has the possibility to learn.

At 40, Kusum Modak had two meetings that would completely transform her life: the first with IYENGAR, one of the biggest promoters and recognized yoga master in India and worldwide.

Kusum became a disciple of the master Iyengar, thus ushering in a walk-disciplined daily from more than 20 years of practicing yoga, which he directed at his institute in Pune – Maharastra – India.

The second meeting which was a milestone in the life of Kusum was with the master Limaye, simple man, expert in the art of massage, with its sensitivity and wisdom, sparked such a powerful healing force in Kusum, introducing her in the way of massage .

For a year and a half to Kusum accompanied him every day, watching him make impressive cures in people already coming from a long history of various attempts of treatment and irreversible surgery indication. From there, Mr. Limaye placed Kusum in intensive practice with massage, and under his supervision before he died, he professed: « I’m sure you will develop this work and take you to the world » and he was right!

The Kusum inherited from her master, a simple, frank, direct and very clear to express herself, sharing this treasure that is a mix of simplicity and sophistication.The Master will stretch, undoing knots of tension and, as she says « little by little, the body opening like a flower petal by petal. »

And today I thank the gods for the power, now with the direct blessings of the Master Kusum Modak, transmit this knowledge to all who come to me to be in courses or individual sessions.

Yoga and Ayurveda are the most ancient systems of Indian Philosophy.

Practices of Yoga moves you toward a state of quieting the mind and profound experience of inner stillness.

Ayurveda – knowledge of life does not aim to treat the symptoms of a disease, but gets to the root of the problem.
Health according to Ayurveda is a state of balance where mind, body and environment are in harmony. If any of these three components is out of balance, the door is open to disease.
Opening of the shoulder blades and chest is very important to eliminate the tension and shallow breathing. The blood circulates easy and one gets the sensation of getting free from enormous load.

The Ayurvedic massage in combination with the Yoga stretches is a method, developed by Kusum Modak in India 28 years ago.